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A Poldark Fan Visits Cornwall: Holywell Bay

Hello my friends,

In my last post I introduced my trip to Cornwall with Charlestown, but today we're heading further across the county, to the delightful Holywell Bay. This is no ordinary beach, the two large rocks just out to sea make it rather recognisable, especially when it features in so many period dramas.

Looking for the spot where sweet little Cecil tries to swim out to the rocks in And Then There Were None? Here it is. Or maybe the beach were AJ and Gilbert race their horses in Summer in February? Look no further.

Or perhaps you're looking for one of the most popular Poldark locations: Hendrawna beach? You've found it.

Let me give you some background:

In season 3 of Poldark, we were introduced to many new characters and some new romances did indeed blossom. My personal favourite was Drake & Morwenna (my sweet angels). And in S3 the pair would often meet up on George Warleggan’s beach, Hendrawna, accompanied by the Georgian era's greatest wingman since Mr Bingley, Geoffrey Charles.

At one point Geoffrey Charles even declares “This is the best beach in all of Cornwall”, and now I’ve visited the place in question, I've got to admit: I think the boy’s right.

This was, without a doubt, the nicest beach I’d ever been too.

This is we get those beautiful aerial shots of the trio chasing each other around on the beach, and were Drake and Morwenna really allow themselves to become close. In one super adorable scene filmed just a little to the left of where I'm stood above, Drake teases Morwenna:

"Dare me something worth darin'"

"Such as?"

"Dare me... I don't know...Dare me to kiss 'ee"

There are also a few extra bonuses to Holywell Bay (although the loos being a ten minute trek back across the dunes is certainly not one of them) (go before you set off for the beach people!). During my research of Holywell to check where Drake and Morwenna scenes were filmed, I so found an article saying that some scenes from the S5 mine explosion were filmed here too.

The clip is handily on YouTube, and after watching it again, I think they must use two different caves for the part where they carry the injured miners out.

The shots from the beach looking in don’t match the shape of the cave mouth on Holywell, but the shots looking out from the cave to the beach are certainly here. The two distinctive rocks out to sea give it away instantly.

BBC Poldark, via Youtube

We actually found the cave by chance, I saw some other people wandering in a out of it, and then remembered what I’d read. It’s very cool inside there (and I do mean that literally - it was so cold) but being in the same place where one of the most dramatic scenes was shot, (and where some of my favourite characters/actors were) was very exciting. Although I will admit, I think my fellow beach goers were slightly confused by this strange girl wandering round a cave going “oh yes, this must be were Ross carries them out – and then Dwight examines them right here” (you know I love Dwight?).

But that's Holywell Bay! I would totally recommend visiting if you're in the area. It's a lovely beach and if it's good enough for Drake & Morwenna, then it's good enough for me!

(even though I was not given a seashell bracelet at any point during my visit)

safe history ramblings,


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